How do I alter my date settings so that my dates are showing in Australian format?

  • 工具
  • 选项
  • 内容
  • 选择语言
  • Choose English - AU > Add
  • 删除英文-美国

  • Hit the 3 lined button in the top right hand corner parallel to the address bar
  • 设置
  • 显示高级设置
  • 语言 > Language and input settings
  • Click English (not English United States)
  • 完成

Internet Explorer:
  • Click the cog up in the right hand corner
  • 互联网选项
  • 语言
  • If English (Australia) is not your default language, click Add and choose it from the list
  • OK
  • Apply > OK

Is there a preferred browser to use?

Firefox is the preferred browser for you to get optimum efficiency from your login and web experience.

How do I register someone else from my company?

  • Make sure you are logged in with your member login (you cannot register being logged in with a Business member login)
  • Head to the event/course you wish to register someone for
  • Click on 'Register Someone Else'
  • Find the person you are looking for in the company listing and select them
  • Once you have selected the people you wish to register, you may proceed to checkout and submit your order

I want my company to pay for my event/registration. 这可能吗??

At the moment, this is not possible upon the initial registration stage. If you wish to bill to your company, please email us at 国家机关 and request for your invoice to be billed to your company instead of yourself.

How do I download a list of my CPD points?

Head to the bottom of the page under your My CPD tab in your 我IFCBAA section until you reach the heading ‘CPD Report’. You can enter specific fields to narrow your search items, or just click find to bring up all of your points.

You have a choice whether to export it to Word, Excel, or even a PDF document.

I went to another provider's CPD event. How do I get that to show in my CPD list?

There is a section under the My CPD tab where you have the capability to add your own points that you have obtained from another provider’s event (Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Department of Agriculture and Water 资源). Click the red plus sign and enter all of the appropriate details for the event you attended.

The IFCBAA is not responsible for keeping records of other provider’s events and details. It is up to you to keep those details on hand to update them on your CPD page.


  • 向下滚动到安全
  • 修改密码和/或用户名

I can't remember my password or username. 我可以再开一个账户吗?

If you do not remember your login details, 但你知道你拥有它们, please email Support Services at 国家机关 or give them a call on 07 3256 1244 to get your original credentials. Creating another account, which will be a duplicate, causes problems with the data in our system.

我看不到我的CPD标签. 为什么?

There are a few explanations for this question.
  1. You have both an Individual member and Business member login. If you are logged in under your Business member login, your CPD will not be visible. You need to login with your Individual credentials. If you need help with accessing those, please email Support Services at 国家机关
  2. 你不是付费会员. Non-members can still login to the IFCBAA website, but the CPD tab will not show. 它只会显示给会员. If you would like to become a valued member of the IFCBAA, please navigate to our membership page.
  3. 这是一个技术问题. 请网络购彩正规大平台寻求帮助.


When I go to buy something or register, it is asking me for a PO Number. 我该输入什么?

Please feel free to enter anything. It could be your name, the date, or a number that is of relevance to you. It is mandatory, and this step cannot be skipped.

I have a complaint or query about a 海关 Broker/Brokerage. 你能帮我吗??

As a member association our dealings center on our members. We do not have the authority as to arbitration, 调解, the handling of queries or complaints about certain licensed customs brokerages (even if they are a member and most complaints made are as to entities who are not members) as these are commercial aspects between the client and the service provider.

For these kinds of queries it is suggested that in the first instance resolution be sought with that provider and if that is not possible then a reference to the consumer affairs regulatory body in your State. Questions as to entities being licensed should be directed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection National 海关 Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee on 1300 363 263.